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Website Creation

For a miniature blog post on my passion for website necessity, see the next section.

Convinced you need a website? Don't want to spend an arm and a leg? Do you need it up and running within a few days? Call me. 

I utilize free and/or inexpensive tools that are available to everyone with a web browser; the difference is that I'm familiar with them already and I have the time to use them to create something for you in half the time it might take you to learn and implement the tools. All you pay for is my time and experience in this case.

I'm no HTML or CSS code writer. If you'd like your website built by a professional with degrees and experience in those fields, though, we will find you one. We are, after all, your 24 hour personalized resource network.

First of all, let's see a show of hands. How many of you actually tried to set up a website, are out at least $2000 and still have nothing to show for it 6 months later? Great. I'm not the only one. 

Anyone out there who just doesn't think they need a website? For a yawn-inducing elaboration, click here. Also, just look at the picture on the left. This is how most people now shop, search for contractors, make decisions, communicate and otherwise operate on a daily basis. 

Being one of the many who paid much and saw nothing appear, I finally turned in desperation and with no budget a  free website builder

I was spending 12 hours a day managing the business, actually running the physical location, taking calls, paying bills, putting out inventory...and trying to build a website for nothing in my free time. 

My trial and error is why I am now so passionate about attempting to provide every business, large or small, with some form of website...especially those who just never had the time, the funds or the desire...until now.

Let me say one thing--inexpensive or free websites do NOT have to look cheesy. Looking back at the one I developed for my store, I laugh at how amateur it seems to me now. However, at the time, I was on a pretty steep learning curve. 

In the end, you know what? I had a website. I didn't have a dime to put towards it anymore, but if I had, it would  have been very simple to pay for the premium service, remove the ads, transfer the site to my (already purchased) custom domain and REALLY look official. 

The key is to LOOK like you know what you're doing. I'm sure we all do, but does your customer base know that? In today's technological world, online appearances matter for quite a bit. Do you exist to the world outside of a work truck with your business name on the side? 

No one has to know if you go to work in your pajamas....or that you spend all day doing everything for your business, have no employees and don't even have time to eat lunch as you scramble towards success and (finally) balanced books.